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Stress Testing the Godox V860III at a REAL WEDDING


I was recently forced to replace my trusty Canon 600EX-RTII flashes just days before an upcoming wedding. I decided to try something NEW: the Godox V860III flashes. My first time EVER using these flashes was on a REAL wedding day and in this video I want to share my experience using these flashes and let you know if I would recommend them for wedding photography! Buy on Amazon: 🤍 🤍 KJ EDUCATION COMMUNITY: 🤍 5 DAY FREE TRIAL KJ ALL ACCESS | 🤍 KJ FREEBIE DOWNLOADS | 🤍 Check out our 4 FREE webinars! These free classes would be a great starting point for you and to help gauge whether or not you are ready for our courses! Lighting Training (FREE) | 🤍 Editing Training (FREE) | 🤍 Posing Training (FREE) | 🤍 Business Training (FREE) | 🤍 WEBSITE | 🤍 BLOG | 🤍 INSTAGRAM | 🤍 FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS | 🤍 STORE | 🤍 ASK ANYTHING BLOG SERIES | 🤍 When we find a product or company we love, we love to share it with you! At times we may include affiliate links which means that we may earn a commission if/when you click on or make purchases via those links.

How to set up Camera Flash for Beginners - GODOX v1 #shorts


Using flash for the first time could be a bit of daunting task. For today's tip - I go over an EASY way to use flash for the first time using TTL mode on the flash. _ VIDEO SHOT ON: Sony a7iv Sigma 14-24 MM f/2.8 GODOX v1 S Flash MICROPHONE: Rhode Video Mic NTG Music Provided by Epidemic Sound

Godox Flash Modes - TCM | TTL | Manual - How to Use Them


Check out my COURSES here: 🤍 Check out the PRESETS: 🤍 Check out the MERCH:: 🤍 Links for Godox Products on Amazon: Godox AD200 Pro: 🤍 Godox V1c (Canon): 🤍 Godox V1s (Sony): 🤍 Godox V1n (Nikon): 🤍 Accessory Pack: 🤍 XPro C (Canon) Transmitter: 🤍 XPro S (Sony) Transmitter: 🤍 XPro N (Nikon) Transmitter: 🤍 GOODIES – FREEBIE & DISCOUNTS Get Luminar NEO and/or NOISE AI + 6 More Extensions: 🤍 Presets on website:! 🤍 Handle Contracts, Credit Cards, Invoices and more with: Honeybook for $1/mo for 8 months!!! 🤍 Get Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop: 🤍 Free Presets and Cheat Sheet: 🤍 Support the Channel - Become a Patron! 🤍 So you’ve gotten into camera flash, off camera flash and transmitters. Welcome to a whole new world of photography! In this video I am going to go over how to move between flash modes, TTL, TCM and Manual. TTL stands for Through the Lens and TCM stands for TTL Convert to Manual but how do you use them together? Well it’s super simple and once you understand how to use your flash thoroughly you will be taking full advantage of your Godox V1 and Xpro Transmitters! Join the Exploring Photography Crew: 🤍 Unlimited Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects (SFX) - Get 30 days Free: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE NOW: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Want to learn to be a YouTuber? 🤍 My Gear: Canon R5 - 🤍 CF Express Reader Type B - 🤍 RF 15-35 - 🤍 RF 70-200 - 🤍 Canon 6D – 🤍 Prime Lenses: Canon: Nifty 50 – 🤍 Nifty 85 – 🤍 Sony: 50 mm - 🤍 85 mm - 🤍 Nikon: 50 mm - 🤍 Sandisk SSD Hard Drives - 🤍 Gorilla Pod – 🤍 Mefoto Tripod – 🤍 EF 70-200 2.8 – 🤍 EF 16-35 2.8 - 🤍 EF 24-70 2.8 – 🤍 Two Soft Boxes - 🤍 Rode Video Mic: 🤍 Aputure Light – 🤍 Lowe Pro Bag – 🤍 White Balance Key - 🤍 Saramonic Wireless Mic + Lavalier - 🤍 5-1 Light Reflector - 🤍 #ExploringPhotography #Godox #Flash

Godox Speedlite Flash Range Comparison (UPDATED 2020!) | V1 and V850II INCLUDED


In this video, we'll be updating our Godox Speedlite Flash comparison 2020 with Godox's newest inclusions - The Godox V1 Round Head Speedlite Flash and the Godox V850II E-TTL HSS Speedlite Flash. #godox #godoxspeedlites #hypop Each Godox flash is available for most major camera brands including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus. For those looking for the best Godox speedlights this year, a breakdown of each flash can be found below: TT350 and V350 Smaller flashes, perfect for mirrorless cameras or if you'd prefer a more compact speedlite. They are full master flashes with TTL and HSS up to 1/8000s. They're compatible with Godox's X wireless trigger system using the X1 or XPro triggers. The TT350's are powered by 2x AA batteries whereas the V350 is powered by Godox's Lithium-ion battery which increases the recycle time of the flash and allows for 500 full power flashes. TT600 and TT600S Full sized manual Godox flashes with HSS up to 1/800s. Also compatible with the Godox X Wireless System when using the X1 and XPro triggers. The TT600 flashes are compatible with most cameras featuring a metal hot shoe (except Sony). The TT600S is made specifically for Sony cameras with Sony's proprietary MFI (multifunction interface) hot shoe. TT685 and V860II Similar to the 350 series, the TT685 is a full sized master TTL/HSS flash. They feature a guide number of GN60 and work with the Godox X1 and XPro triggers. They are great substitutes for your camera brand's flashes (Canon Flashes, Nikon Flashes, etc.) The V860II is the lithium-ion battery version of the TT685 and therefore increases recycle time to 1.5s at full output. It allows for up to 500 full power flashes and is perfect with Wedding and Event photographers or just for any photographer who requires a faster recycle time. V850II The V850II is a manual Godox flash, which means it's compatible with most cameras that have a metal hotshoe. Same as the V860II, both flashes support Lithium-ion battery. The li-ion battery also allows the V850II to improve the recycle time to 1.5s at full output compared to its counterpart, the TT600. It allows up to 650 full power flashes, which can be a longer-lasting, manual alternative to the V860II. Perfect for photoshoots when you've got multiple shooters working with different camera brands. V1 The V1 is an especially unique addition to the Godox speedlite flash range 2020 because of it's round head, which helps it emit soft and smooth light with gradual fallloff. Lithium-ion battery powered, the Godox V1 Speedlight gives 480 full-power flashes at a charge with a fast recycle time of approx. 1.5s. Another neat feature is the AF-assist modelling lamp, which can help you gain focus for your shots in low-lit situations. Its magnetic head makes it compatible to use with the Godox AK-R1 Accessories kit. Perfect for creative photographers who like to experiment with their shots. Overall, Godox flashes are cost-effective flash lighting options and a great system to invest in. They're compatible with most brands and pack in all the features of the branded flashes for a fraction of the price. SHOP GODOX FLASHES HERE: 🤍 WATCH OUR ORIGINAL GODOX SPEEDLITE COMPARISON: 🤍 WATCH OUR GODOX X-TRIGGER COMPARISON: 🤍 WATCH OUR GODOX V1 UNBOXING & REVIEW: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Start 0:47 Introduction 3:35 Godox V850II Manual Speedlite Flash 4:39 Godox V1 Round Head Speedlite Flash 5:31 Modifying Godox V1 with Godox AK-R1 Accessories Kit 7:02 Godox S-R1 Adapter for Rectangular Speedlites (To Use With AK-R1) 7:57 Which Flash is Right For You? 8:07 Recommendations Based on Power 8:29 Recommendations Based on Compatible Camera Brands 9:04 Recommendations Based on Features 9:27 Godox X-Trigger Compatibility If this review has helped you in any way, feel free to leave a comment or a thumbs up down below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more unboxings, reviews, and tutorials on the latest photography gear! 📸 OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO GEAR: Our Main Lights: "DUO" Spectrum Pro S-BEAM 150 Light Kit 🤍 Our Hair Light: 9" Crystal Luxe with Sony NPF Battery 🤍 Background Lights: 13" Duo Crystal Luxe Kit 🤍 = Follow us on Social Media: = Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Website - 🤍 = Stuck on what to get? Call our friendly staff at 1300 449 767

5 REASONS - Godox V1 is the BEST FLASH


Best flash to own whether you're a beginner or professional photographer. Godox V1. awesome flash that grows with you at a price point that wins. I own and used these flashes for 2 years now and they are my go to for weddings and events. Amazon affiliate links below if you are interested Godox V1 (Canon) - 🤍 Godox v1 (Nikon) - 🤍 Godox V1 (Sony) - 🤍 Gear I use to make videos Youtube Studio Video & Audio Setup Canon EOS R5 - 🤍 Canon EOS R6 - 🤍 Canon RF 15-35mm 2.8 IS - 🤍 Manfrotto 504HD 536K - 🤍 Sennheiser MKE600 - 🤍 Atomos Shinobi - 🤍 Lighting Setup Godox SL-60W - 🤍 Godox SL-150W II - 🤍 Godox BD-04 Barndoor & Grid - 🤍 Sutefoto P80RGB Light - 🤍 Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic - 🤍 Manfrotto Super Compact Lightstands - 🤍 Music & Audio Audio & SFX - 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ✅ Subscribe: 🤍 ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 ➡ Instagram Me: 🤍 ➡ Twitter: 🤍 ➡ Instagram Weddings: 🤍 ➡ Web: 🤍

Why I NEVER used Godox Flash - Godox V860 IIIc


In todays video I look at the Godox V860 mk3 C speedlight, alongside the history of speedlight use in my profession as a photographer. You can find this flash here 🤍 You can find me on; Patreon; 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Facebook; 🤍 Tin House Website and WORKSHOPS 🤍 My Commercial Work🤍

Fujifilm Flash Setup with Godox


Quickstart guide for basic setup of Godox flash speedlights for Fujifilm cameras. Get the TT-685F here: 🤍 = 🎥 Gear Discussed in Video = Godox TT-685F Flash for Fujifilm: 🤍 Godox TT-350F Flash for Fujifilm: 🤍 Vello TTL-Off-Camera Flash Cord: 🤍 Godox Trigger Xpro-F for Fujifilm: 🤍 Godox X2T-F TTL Wireless Flash Trigger: 🤍 = 🧰 Discounts on Services and Tools = TT-685 F Manual: 🤍 TT-350 F Manual: 🤍 X-Pro F Manual: 🤍 Godox Firmware Update: 🤍 My Current Kit: 🤍 Gear shop: 🤍 = 🎬. Production Notes: = Producer and Host: Chris Lee = ❤️ Support this Channel: = If you wish to support the channel, there are two ways: 1. Join pal2tech Backstage here: 🤍 2. Use my PayPal here: 🤍 This is very much appreciated. All donations go toward the funding of future videos for this channel. = 👥 Contact Info: = Business inquiries: chris.lee🤍pal2tech.com Instagram: 🤍 PRODUCT REVIEW OR TO SEND SOMETHING: pal2tech 1227 North Peachtree Parkway 165 Peachtree City, GA 30269 United States NOTE: Product reviews are completely independent. Some of my links have an affiliate code, if you purchase gear with these links I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! My videos and opinions are not paid for by any outside organizations, manufacturers, or companies. #fujifilm #godox #flash

Godox Lux Senior & Junior flash - Good or Gimmick?


I review the new Godox Lux Senior and Junior retro camera flashes. Chapter markers are below for the various sections, as well as links to the products and ways you can support the channel! ►LINKS 📸 Lux Junior on Amazon - 🤍 📸 Lux Junior on Amazon - 🤍 🌎 Godox Official shop page - 🤍 ►SUPPORT ☕ Buy me a Coffee - 🤍 👕 Merch Shop - 🤍 📘 Buy my Zine - 🤍 📺 My Personal Youtube channel - 🤍 🧾 My Blog - 🤍 ►MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO 🎵 All music via Artlist.io - High quality music & SFX for your projects. Get 2 months FREE when you join Artlist using our link! - 🤍 ►WHAT I USE FOR HOME DEVELOPING AND SCANNING: Paterson developing tank - 🤍 Rocket air blower - 🤍 Negative sleeves - 🤍 Canon 5D MK IV - 🤍 Canon EF 100mm Macro - 🤍 The Essential Film Holder - 🤍 L116T LED light - 🤍 Negative Supply copy stand, film carriers, and light source - 🤍 (Use the code PUSHINGFILM10 for 10% off at Negative Supply [excludes sale items]) 🎞 Negative Lab Pro: for converting scans - Get a free trial at 🤍 ►SOCIAL Join the Pushing Film Discord Server - 🤍 Pushing Film on Instagram, Twitter 🤍pushingfilm 🤍 🤍 Hashem on Instagram - 🤍 Sarah on Instagram - 🤍 ►WEBSITE 🏠 🤍 I use Pixpa for my website - The easy, all-in-one website builder for creatives. If you would like to try Pixpa you can get a free trial at 🤍 and get 50% OFF on annual plans when you subscribe with the promo code PXREF50 ►CHAPTER MARKERS 00:00 - Intro 01:35 - Package, build, style 02:33 - Functionality 03:25 - Usage 04:51 - Output (exposure) 05:29 - Output (look) 07:37 - Practical tests 08:58 - Leica M note 09:38 - Price/Value 10:25 - Good or Gimmick? 11:13 - Recommendations 12:02 - Conclusion Note: Many of the above links are Amazon or other affiliate links, which you can use to purchase items at no extra cost to yourself, but in turn, support me with a small commission for any purchases (which is greatly appreciated!) #godox #godoxlux #filmphotography

Godox Studio Flash Strobes Comparison 2020 | Which is Best for You?


In this video, we'll be reviewing and comparing Godox's most recent and newly available studio flash strobes on the market today. This includes the Godox MS series, DSII series, SKII series, QSII series, QTII series, DPIII series, and GSII series. #hypop #godox #godoxstudioflashstrobe The MS series of portable and compact studio flashes are well suited to use as primary lights in a small e-commerce lighting setup, or as fill-flashes in a larger pro-studio scenario. They're designed to either work as a standalone lighting solution or integrate seamlessly into your existing Godox lighting system. Compatible with the XT-16, X1, X2, and XPro triggers. SHOP HERE: 🤍 The DSII series will suit smaller home-studio spaces and for niches like still life, product, and jewellery photography. The DS models can become excellent fill or kicker lights when combined with other Godox lights. These strobes come with full 2.4GHz capability. A stepless adjustable 150W modeling lamp makes the lights easy to set up. SHOP HERE: 🤍 The SK lights are a small and lightweight solution for those shooting portraits, e-commerce, and product photography in a small space. Both models offer great output stability, with Godox claiming consistency of within 2% when used on the same power source. Also offers 2.4 GHz wireless triggering. SHOP HERE: 🤍 The QS lights come with built-in 2.4 GHz for remote TTL shooting using Godox’s powerful range of triggers and wireless-equipped flashguns. Naturally, for those who prefer to keep things simple, the units also feature optical slave capabilities. SHOP HERE: 🤍 The QT range boast the fastest recycling times (0.05 - 0.09s) and shortest flash durations of all the Godox studio lights, making them ideal for freezing action. There’s also a “masking mode” that will be great for still life and product photographers, as it fires multiple strobes one by one over a succession of shots, making it easier to comp certain elements out of (or into) an image at the post-production stage. SHOP HERE: 🤍 The DPIII lights comes with 99 wireless ID settings so as to reduce the risk of interference from other triggers. Ideal for use in a multi-studio complex, as it eliminates the possibility that photographers working in adjacent studios may cause cross-firing of lights. At just 1 second between flashes on full power, recycling times are plenty fast enough for the most high-speed of photography jobs. SHOP HERE: 🤍 The Godox GS, or “Gemini”, series features built-in 2.4GHz wireless triggering capabilities; 50 steps of flash output (from 1/32 to 1/1); an adjustable 150W modeling lamp; and a recycling time of 1.2 seconds when used at full power (dropping right down to 0.3 seconds when working at the lowest output setting). SHOP HERE: 🤍 PLEASE NOTE: Godox has removed standard reflectors from its flash strobe series. WATCH GODOX X-TRIGGER COMPARISON HERE: 🤍 WATCH GODOX WITSTRO FLASH STROBE COMPARISON HERE: 🤍 WATCH GODOX SPEEDLITE COMPARISON HERE: 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: • How To Determine Which One Is Right For You? •  0:00 Intro 1:33 Output & Workspace 2:26 Recycle Time 2:39 Price 2:55 Trigger Options 3:26 Mount Type (Bowen's Mount) 4:00 Manual Flash 5:00 Chronological Order of Studio Flash Release • Going Through The Series •  5:29 MS Series (MS200/MS300) 7:02 MS Series Comparison Table 7:13 DSII Series (DS300II/DS400II) 8:02 DSII Series Comparison Table 8:12 GSII Series (GS200II/GS300II/GS400II) 8:59 GSII Series Comparison Table 9:09 SKII Series (SK300II/SK400II) 10:10 SKII Series Comparison Table 10:20 DPIII Series (DP400III/DP600III/DP800III/DP1000III) 11:44 DPIII Series Comparison Table 11:54 QSII Series (QS400II/QS600II/QS800II/QS1200II) 13:13 QSII Series Comparison Table 13:23 QTII Series (QT400II/QT600II/QT1200II) 14:24 QTII Series Comparison Table 15:14 Rob's Recommendations If the Godox Flash Strobes comparison has helped you in any way, feel free to leave a comment or a thumbs up down below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more unboxings, reviews, and tutorials on the latest photography gear! 📸 OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO GEAR: Our Main Lights: "DUO" Spectrum Pro S-BEAM 150 Light Kit 🤍 Our Hair Light: 9" Crystal Luxe with Sony NPF Battery 🤍 Background Lights: 13" Duo Crystal Luxe Kit 🤍 = Follow us on Social Media: = Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Website - 🤍 = Stuck on what to get? Call our friendly staff at 1300 449 767

Flash Godox | Guia Completo Parte 1 | Flashes Speedlite


Se inscreva na Semana de Aulas Gratuitas Fotógrafo de Ensaios | O PLANO 🤍 Godox TT350 🤍 Godox V350 🤍 Godox TT600 🤍 Godox TT685 🤍 Godox V850III 🤍 Godox V860III 🤍 Godox V1 🤍 Rádio X1T 🤍 X2T 🤍 XPro 🤍 • Link para comprar (e outros que eu já fiz review e indico) • 🤍 • Meus Cursos • 🤍 🤍 • Meu Instagram • 🤍 • Meus Presets de Lightroom Cores com 1 Clique • 🤍 • Assinar Pacote Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom e Lightroom Classic) • 🤍



Are you new to flash photography? In this video I breakdown the different settings and modes for speedlights so you can understand your flash better. | #FlashPhotography #SpeedlightBasics #FlashPhotographySettings Watch this playlist next: Flash series: 🤍 🔻GET MY DIGITAL PRODUCT🔻 Photography business starter kit📷: 🤍 🔻FREE E-BOOK🔻 5 ways to book more photography clients: 🤍 🔻RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE & SERVICES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS🔻 Website templates: 🤍 ShootProof (online gallery software for photographers): 🤍 🔻MY GEAR🔻 Sony a7iii: 🤍 Sony 85mm 1.8: 🤍 Tamron 28-75 2.8: 🤍 Samyang 45mm 1.8 sony e mount: 🤍 Godox ad200: 🤍 Godox ad400 pro: 🤍 Godox tt685 speedlight: 🤍 Godox s pro trigger: 🤍 Magmod professional flash kit: 🤍 S-type bracket bowens mount: 🤍 Neewer c-stand: 🤍 My favorite camera strap: 🤍 Glow EZ lock beauty dish (42"): 🤍 Glow EZ lock deep parabolic softbox (20"): 🤍 🔻MY FAVORITE TOOLS & SOFTWARE FOR CREATIVES & YOUTUBERS🔻 Podia (sell digital products & courses) - 🤍 TubeBuddy (rank your YouTube videos) - 🤍 StreamYard (best livestream software) - 🤍?pal=5924366502592512 🔻MY YOUTUBE EQUIPMENT🔻 Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Light: 🤍 Softbox: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 🔻CONNECT WITH ME🔻 🤍 (coaching & services for photographers) 🤍 Email: contact🤍adrianlard.com Disclaimer: Adrian is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 🤍amazon.com. All opinions are my own, sponsors are acknowledged. Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost.

Godox V1 : Excellent flash cobra & studio pour Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic et Sony !


Mon avis et retour d'expérience du Godox V1 ! Retrouvez mon test longue durée du flash Godox V1 Speedlite, un flash cobra et flash studio dont on ne se lasse pas de découvrir toutes le possibilités ! Avec ses nombreux accessoires, notamment le pack Godox AK-R1, ce flash Godox pour Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic Lumix ou encore Fujifilm et Olympus est un achat coup de coeur pour moi ! 📚 : Formation Lumix : 🤍 🚫 VIDÉO NON SPONSORISÉE / J'ACHÈTE MON MATÉRIEL 💪 ACHETEZ VOTRE MATÉRIEL EN ME SOUTENANT : Amazon : 🤍 Images Photo Lyon : 🤍 (CODE CRÉATEUR : NADIA) Fnac : 🤍 Digit-Photo : 🤍 (CODE CRÉATEUR : BLOGNADIA) 📸 MATÉRIEL ÉVOQUÉ : - Godox V1 sur IPLN : 🤍 - Godox V1 Canon : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Godox V1 Fujifilm : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Godox V1 Nikon : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Godox V1 Panasonic Lumix & Olympus : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Godox V1 Sony : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Déclencheur Godox X-Pro Canon : 🤍 / 🤍 - Déclencheur Godox X-Pro Fujifilm : 🤍 / 🤍 - Déclencheur Godox X-Pro Nikon : 🤍 / 🤍 - Déclencheur Godox X-Pro Panasonic Lumix & Olympus : 🤍 / 🤍 - Déclencheur Godox X-Pro Sony : 🤍 / 🤍 - Pack AK-R1 : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Adaptateur monture Bowens : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Batterie Godox : 🤍 / 🤍 🎥 MATÉRIEL DE TOURNAGE : - Lumix GH6 : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Leica 25 mm f1.4 : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Godox SL100 Bi-color : 🤍 / 🤍 - Pied éclairage Godox : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Softbox Godox : 🤍 / 🤍 - Pavotube Nanlite 6CII : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Rode Wireless GO II : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 - Micro Lavalier : 🤍 / 🤍 / 🤍 📚 Cours et formations Lumix : Ma Formation Lumix : 🤍 Mes Cours Photo : 🤍 Me soutenir : 🤍 La newsletter : 🤍 🌐 RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX : Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Mon Groupe Facebook Lumix : 🤍 Mon Blog Voyage et Matériel Photo Multi-marques : 🤍 Mon Blog Lumix : 🤍 *Les liens sont affiliés. Cela veut dire que nous touchons une commission si vous achetez depuis ces liens. Cela ne vous coûte pas plus cher mais cela permet de soutenir notre travail ! 💡 SOMMAIRE : 00:00 : Introduction 01:00 : Prise en main du Godox V1 05:28 : Quels usages photos avec le flash Godox V1 Speedlite ? 07:35 : Les accessoires pour Godox V1 10:29 : Mon avis sur le Godox V1

TTL Mode, Flash Photography for Beginners - GODOX V1


So you just recently picked up your first flash and you are not really sure how to use it yet. But you, like everyone else, wants to use it right out of the box. Well TTL mode is like the automatic mode of Flashes and allows you to do just that. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below! _ VIDEO SHOT ON: Sony a7iv Sigma 14-24 MM f/2.8 Sony a6400 Sigma 24-70 MM f/2.8 GODOX v1 S Flash MICROPHONE: Rhode Video Mic NTG Elgato Wave 3 Edit on: Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Lightroom CC Music Provided by Epidemic Sound REFERAL: 🤍 _

5 Minutes to show how I setup my Off Camera Flash!!!


In this video, I show how I setup my camera and flash to achieve proper exposure for Off Camera Flash portraits. I do use High Speed Sync capable strobes, maybe I can discuss this further in another video if there are people interested. Follow us on Instagram: Instagram.com/j.allen_photographer Instagram.com/madeleine.burroughs Gear: The video was recorded using the Canon EOS R with the 16mm f2.8. Audio captured with the DJI Wireless Mic Kit. Gear: Canon EOS R5: 🤍 RF 85mm F1.2 L Lens: 🤍 Strobe: GODOX AD600: 🤍 Beauty Dish: 🤍 Canon EOS R: 🤍 Canon 16mm 2.8: 🤍 Audio: 🤍

Le flash Godox V860-III : fonctionnement et réglagees


🎁 Cours OFFERT : Les principaux réglages photo : 🤍 📘 Le livre de cours : Sortez du mode Auto ! paru aux éditions Eyrolles : 🤍 📘 Le Mémento Photo disponible à la FNAC et sur : 🤍 Pas facile de photographier au flash ! Surtout si en plus la notice est en anglais et en chinois. Aussi aujourd’hui, je vous montre comment fonctionne le flash Godox V860III... en français. Pour cette vidéo j’utiliser le Flash V860III qui a ses spécificités. Mais la philosophie du flash et son fonctionnement restent les mêmes que pour les autres flashes de la marque ou que d’autres marques. Le flash Godox V860-III 🤍 Le diffuseur est la soft tent ML-CS1625 de chez Godox : 🤍 #photographie #photo #photographe #tutophoto #coursphoto #stagephoto #formationphoto#clubphotoenligne #photographie #photo #photographe #tutophoto #coursphoto

FLASH GODOX V860III c | Review Completo.


Flash Godox V860iii , o melhor flash de 2022 para iniciantes e profissionais na fotografia?! Comprado a mais ou menos um mês no Aliexpress, esse é o segundo vídeo que falo sobre o V860III da Godox, no primeiro vídeo teve o unboxing, falei sobre o prazo de entrega, taxas de importação e afins... Hoje vamos conversar e conhecer sobre as principais funções e configurações do Flash Godox V860iii C (Lembrete: "C" é para Canon, cuidado na hora de comprar o seu). LINK DO FLASH V860III GODOX: 🤍 RÁDIO FLASH XPRO 🤍 📸 Chegou ao canal através desse vídeo?! Seja muito bem vindo por aqui, meu nome é Walisson Oliveira, sou fotógrafo e por aqui compartilho assuntos relacionados ao mundo da fotografia, bora aprender juntos?! 🛎 INSCREVA-SE NO CANAL E ATIVE AS NOTIFICAÇÕES :) 📝 Capítulos 00:00 Flash V860III GODOX 01:28 INSCREVA-SE :) 01:48 Bora conhecer o Flash V860iii C 01:59 Flash à Bateria 03:07 Entrada P2 e USB c 03:21 Flash TTL e Manual 04:31 Ligando o Flash V860iii c 04:57 TCM | Converter TTL em Manual 05:36 Como ativar o HSS no flash? 07:00 Modo Commander e Slave 08:08 TTL, Manual e Modo Multi 10:40 Compensação | +/- Carga do Flash 11:05 Zoom Do Flash 12:45 Luz de Modelagem 13:34 Como travar o Flash? 14:21 MENU 17:03 Como desligar o som do Flash? 19:01 Como resetar meu flash as configurações de fábrica? 19:34 Gostou?! Deixa a sua opinião (Comenta GODOX). ✅MEU SETUP | ALIEXPRESS MINHA ILUMINAÇÃO CONTÍNUA LUXCEO P200: 🤍 LUXCEO Q508A: 🤍 ULANZI VL49RGB: 🤍 SL60W: 🤍 OCTABOX 90CM TRIOPO: 🤍 MEUS FLASHES FLASH V860III: 🤍 RÁDIO FLASH XPRO: 🤍 VISICO 2: 🤍 MEU ÁUDIO MICROFONE FIFINE K669: 🤍 MICROFONE SEM FIO FEIDU FM40: 🤍 MICROFONE LAPELA: 🤍 MICROFONE LAPELA DUPLO: 🤍 FONE DE OUVIDO ONEODIO: 🤍 MEUS GIMBALS SMOOTH Q3: 🤍 FEIYUTECH SCORP-C: 🤍 MINHA WEB CAM PAPALOOK PA930: 🤍 MINHA MOCHILA K&F: 🤍 MEUS FILTROS FILTRO ND VARIÁVEL K&F: 🤍 FILTRO BLACK DIFFUSION: 🤍 ADAPTADOR DE FILTRO: 🤍 ACESSÓRIOS CARTÃO DE MEMÓRIA: 🤍 PORTA CARTÕES: 🤍 POWERBANK 10.000mah: 🤍 MESA DIGITALIZADORA GAOMON S620: 🤍 TRIPÉ ULANZI PARA CELULAR E CÂMERA: 🤍 KIT LIMPEZA: 🤍 #godox #FlashV860iii



Off camera flash tips using the Godox AD200 Pro. P.S Secret New Site with my Lightroom presets and A LOT MORE: 🤍 (Patreon content has all moved there) Godox AD200PRO: 🤍  Godox V1: 🤍  Using the code JACKSON to get 15% off for Godox AD200pro and Godox V1 Godox X2T: 🤍  🤍 Clarissa: 🤍 #photography #godox #godoxad200pro My usual wedding photo kit: Main camera: 🤍 Backup camera: 🤍 Sometimes camera: 🤍 Favourite lens: 🤍 Favourite lens when also doing video hybrid: 🤍 Wide lens: 🤍 Wide lens when doing hybrid: 🤍 Flash: 🤍 Flash transmitter: 🤍 Super powerful off camera flash: 🤍 Drone: 🤍 SD Cards: 🤍 Wedding day bag: 🤍 Audio lav recorder(love this): 🤍 Audio general recorder: 🤍 Directional Microphone: 🤍 BTS Rig: Bracket: 🤍 Connector: 🤍 GoPro Adapter: 🤍 Travel Kit: Main camera: 🤍 Wide lens: 🤍 Portrait lens: 🤍 General lens: 🤍 Travel SSDs: 🤍 GoPro: 🤍 Stabilizer: 🤍 Travel bag: 🤍 Where I get my music: 🤍

Godox MS300-V Compact Studio Flash | Unboxing & Review


Are you looking for affordable, high-quality photography lighting? We got it here for you! 😉 In this video, we'll be unboxing and reviewing the Godox MS300-V, the ultimate starter Compact LED Studio Flash Strobe! We'll explore its features, capabilities, and performance in detail so you know what to expect from this reliable lighting equipment. Don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe if you enjoyed it! #photography #unboxingandreview #godox SHOP Godox MS300-V Compact Studio Flash: 🤍 SHOP Godox MS200-V Compact Studio Flash: 🤍 SHOP 43cm Mini Desk Light Stand: 🤍 SHOP GODOX Products for UP TO 25% OFF on our #EOFYSale! CLICK HERE to shop: 🤍 = TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Start 0:27 Introduction 1:09 What's Included 2:05 Specs & Features 2:55 Modeling Lamp Review 4:30 Light Unit Review 6:52 Flash Test & Features 12:12 Modeling Lamp Test 15:20 Conclusion = If this review has helped you in any way, feel free to leave a comment or a thumbs up down below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more unboxings, reviews, and tutorials on the latest photography gear! 📸 = Follow us on Social Media: Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Website - 🤍 = Stuck on what to get? Contact our friendly staff at 1300 449 767 or sales🤍hypop.com.au =

HOW TO SHOOT WITH GODOX V1 - off camera flash + high speed sync for beginners


Watch along as I try to demystify the off camera flash and shot how I shoot with the Godox v1 in harsh light using high speed sync. Once you know the basics, it's really isn't all that hard - promise! I show you how I work with 3 different lighting scenarios and use the flash to create images that are impactful yet natural looking. We explore: - Open Shade - Harsh Backlight - Bright Backgrounds w/ model in full shade Thanks again to Paulina and Kumanan for coming out to make this video with me. Go show them some love on the links below Model - Paulina 🤍 Assistant - Kumanan 🤍 Thanks a bunch for watching and subscribing! Stine x Godox V1 ( used with the DOME attachment here ) with modifier kit used in this video Amazon AUS 🤍 ➤ ARCHIPELAGO PRESETS & CREATIVE PROFILES My absolute favorite presets I use on all my work and highly recommend Watch them in action + EPIC DISCOUNTS on the link below 🤍 ➤ FREE DOWNLOAD // MY RETOUCHING ACTIONS FOR PHOTOSHOP Grab the actions I use to perfect my retouching and workflow for FREE Use code FREEPSACTIONS at check out 🤍 ➤ ALL MY MUSIC Get 1 MONTH FREE when you sign up here Epidemic Sound - 🤍 ➤ COME SAY HI ON SOCIALS Creative Portraits 🤍 Personal Branding Work 🤍 Website 🤍 ➤ SUPPORT ME 🤍 All enquiries: hello🤍stinejensenphoto.com ☽ MY GEAR ☾ ➤ CAMERAS Filming camera: Canon EOS M50 - Amazon AUS 🤍 Canon EOS 5D M3 Back up: Canon EOS 6D MII - Amazon AUS 🤍 ➤ LENSES Canon 24-105mm f4L IS II USM - Amazon AUS 🤍 Canon 50mm f1.4 - Amazon AUS 🤍 Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 - Amazon AUS 🤍 Tamron 35mm f1.4 - Georges AUS 🤍 Tamron 85mm 1.8 - Amazon AUS 🤍 ➤ LIGHTING Elinchrom D-Lite 400 Strobe Kit - Amazon US 🤍 Elinchrom Deep Umbrella 125cm - Amazon US/UK 🤍 Godox V1 with modifier kit - Amazon AUS 🤍 ➤ ACCESSORIES Neewer 5 in 1 Reflector 40"x 60"/100 x 150CM - Amazon AUS 🤍 Sandisk Extreme 32GB memory card - Amazon AUS 🤍 ➤ MY YOUTUBE SET UP Canon EOS M50 - Amazon 🤍 RØDE Video Compact On-Camera Microphone - Amazon AUS 🤍 Saramonic Wireless Mic - Amazon AUS 🤍 Manfrotto Compact Tripod - Amazon AUS 🤍 - ☽ SOFTWARE I USE ☾ ➤ ADOBE LR + PS + PREMIERE PRO ADOBE CC 🤍 ➤ PIXIESET Pixieset Online Galleries - 🤍 ➤ STUDIO NINJA Studio & Client management software I can’t live without! Use code AQJA33290999HN for 20% off your subscription 🤍 ➤Tubebuddy - 🤍 DISCLAIMER: A number of links in this description box may be affiliate links, which I may earn a small commission from if you choose to click/and or purchase the products that I have recommended. This is at no extra cost to you and helps to support my channel. I only recommend products that I use myself and all views expressed are my own. Thank you! 00:00 Introduction 00:25 How to use the Godox V1 flash in open shade 02:45 How to use the Godox V1 flash in harsh backlight 03:41 How to set your OCF flash up for high speed sync 04:30 Shooting with a bright blown out background

Budget Studio Lighting with Godox AD100Pro, No Modifiers, One Flash, Behind The Scenes


Big thanks to Storyblocks for sponsoring this video! Get unlimited downloads with Storyblocks by clicking on the link : 🤍 Model Nyakuoy : 🤍 All links in one place : 🤍 Gear used in the video : Godox AD100pro : 🤍 Godox X2T (c) Trigger : 🤍 Canon EOS R5 : 🤍 Canon RF50mm F 1.2 : 🤍 Pink Puffy Dress : 🤍 White wedding Dress : 🤍 Backdrop : 🤍 Use code "Irene10" for 10% off Backdrop Stand : 🤍 Join PPA now and get $25 off : 🤍 Music : 🤍 (affiliate link) My KelbyOne Courses : 🤍 🤍 These courses are available for "Pro Members" only (affiliate links above) My info Instagram 🤍 🤍irenerudnykphoto Twitter 🤍irene_rudnyk FB 🤍 500x 🤍 Personal Insta : 🤍irenerudnyk email : irenerudnykphoto🤍gmail.com #behindthescenes #irenerudnyk #photoshoot

Godox: #V860III Camera Flash Operation Tutorial


The compact and powerful #V860 continues all the features of V860II but is added with functions that will take your shooting efficiency to the next level. Check out this video and find out everything you need to know about the #V860III. Learn more: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Godox Witstro Portable Flash Strobe Range Comparison 2020 | Which One Is Right For You?


In this video, we'll be comparing the Godox Witstro Flash Strobe Range including the Godox AD200/AD200Pro, AD300Pro, AD400Pro, AD600B, AD600Pro, and the AD1200Pro. #godox #godoxwitstro #hypop Note: The AD360 and AD360II was excluded from this comparison as it has been superseded by AD200Pro. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Start 0:49 Introduction 1:53 Godox Trigger Compatibility 2:27 Firmware Upgradable 2:47 AD200/AD200Pro 4:59 AD300Pro 6:58 AD400Pro 9:20 AD600B 11:35 AD600Pro 14:24 AD1200Pro 22:11 Witstro Flash Strobe Comparison Chart 22:30 Our Top Picks SHOP GODOX WITSTRO FLASH STROBES HERE: 🤍 WATCH GODOX SPEEDLITE COMPARISON: 🤍 WATCH GODOX STUDIO FLASH STROBE: 🤍 WATCH GODOX X TRIGGER COMPARISON: 🤍 WATCH SOFTBOX MODIFIER COMPARISON HERE: 🤍 AD200 The AD200 is a 200W cordless Lithium-ion powered TTL and HSS enabled strobe with an in-built Godox 2.4GHz X-system radio receiver inside (currently for Canon, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Fuji and Sony). Being dedicated off camera flashes they feature no hotshoe and are a slimline monoblock unit. The AD200 provide a similar compact size of a speedlite with some added power. AD200Pro The AD200Pro keeps the winning design of its predecessor (the AD200, above), but adds better colour stability via a dedicated “Stable Colour Temperature Mode.” Other changes include an improved, and now recessed, rear display; an increased power range; and output that is changeable in 1/10 increments. Godox also claims slightly faster recycle times. AD300Pro With strong power, all-in-one large capacity battery and round flash head, the AD300 Pro can offer studio-level soft and even light effects. With compact and lightweight body weighing just 1.4kg, the AD300 Pro allows you to travel light. Boasting 9 power stops from 1/256-1/1 and 10 stop 12W LED Bi-Colour modelling light you are in full control. AD400Pro The Godox AD400Pro 400W Witstro All-In-One Outdoor Flash is similar to the larger Godox AD600Pro with a sleeker design. t provides up to 400W of output with nine steps of power, ranging from 1/1 to 1/256, and comes with a powerful 2600mAh / 21.6V lithium-ion battery pack that provides up to 390 full-power flashes, perfect for outdoor or on-location shooting. Alternatively, you can run the monolight on AC power with an optional adapter. AD600B The Godox AD600B is a 600W lithium-ion powered TTL and HSS enabled portable flash strobe light, compatible with both Canon and Nikon 2.4GHz radio receiver units built inside. The AD600B can be controlled with full HSS and TTL support. It can also be wirelessly controlled by the 2.4GHz Godox X1T transmitter units as well as Godox master speedlites such as the Godox TT685. AD600Pro Featuring a 2.4 GHz wireless X system with a range of up to 100m, the AD600Pro Witstro All-In-One Outdoor Flash from Godox is a versatile flash compatible with several TTL systems, including Canon E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL, Sony, and Panasonic. It offers up to 600W/s with nine steps of output power, ranging from 1/1 to 1/256, and comes with a powerful 28.8V/2600mAh lithium-ion battery pack that provides up to 360 full-power flashes in outdoor situations and location shooting. Alternatively, you can run the monolight on AC power with an included cord for when portability is not a concern. AD1200Pro Featuring wireless control via the 2.4 GHz wireless X system with a range of up to 328' and 1200Ws of power, the AD1200Pro Battery Powered Flash Kit from Godox is an impressive lighting tool compatible with several TTL systems including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Olympus, and Panasonic. It offers up to nine steps of output power, ranging from 1/1 to 1/256, and comes with a powerful 36V/5200mAh lithium-ion battery pack that provides up to 500 full-power flashes that make it suitable in outdoor or location shooting. Alternatively, you can run the monolight on AC power with an optional adapter. If this review has helped you in any way, feel free to leave a comment or a thumbs up down below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more unboxings, reviews, and tutorials on the latest photography gear! 📸 OUR YOUTUBE VIDEO GEAR: Our Main Lights: "DUO" Spectrum Pro S-BEAM 150 Light Kit 🤍 Our Hair Light: 9" Crystal Luxe with Sony NPF Battery 🤍 Background Lights: 13" Duo Crystal Luxe Kit 🤍 = Follow us on Social Media: = Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Website - 🤍 = Stuck on what to get? Call our friendly staff at 1300 449 767

A Profoto Rival? The Godox V1 Round Head Flash Review


I just got two of the Godox V1 round head speedlights for Nikon recently, and after testing out these flashes this week, these are my thoughts and review of the Godox V1 round head speedlight. Could this be a rival for the Profoto A10? THE FLASH: 🤍 2023 CAMERA BAG UPDATED: FAV Colour Film: 🤍 FAV B/W Film: 🤍 Lightmeter: 🤍 My Camera Bag: 🤍 Daily Camera: 🤍 Most Magical & Most Used Lens: 🤍 Best Photo Tripod Ever: 🤍 Best Lenses for Weddings: 1) THE STAR: 🤍 2) UP CLOSE MAGIC: 🤍 3) THE WIDE: 🤍 4) EXTRA WIDE Family Photo & Cocktail Hour: 🤍 Camera Straps: 🤍 & 🤍 Camera mount for my belt: 🤍 You use this with the above pad: 🤍 Sd Cards I use: 🤍 CF Express Card I Use: 🤍 Card Reader I Use: 🤍 New Flash I use:🤍 Old Flash I Use: 🤍 Rechargeable Batteries for old Flash: 🤍 Battery Charger for AA/AAA: 🤍 Vlog Mic: 🤍 My Drone: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Wedding photography website: 🤍 Wedding Instagram: 🤍

Is this the Best Speedlite Ever?! | Godox V1


In this video I create a product shot in the studio with my Godox V1 and the Fujifilm x100V. Would love to hear your thoughts. Instagram: 🤍 website: 🤍studio12online.com Get started on Shutterstock: 🤍

Why You Need this Little Flash! | Godox AD100Pro


This little light has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Easily the best light for the money out there. _ Instagram: 🤍 website: 🤍studio12online.com Get started on Shutterstock: 🤍

Teste com 6 flashes Godox, qual o melhor pra retratos? TT685, V860, V1, Ad100, Ad200 ou Ad300?


Link com as minhas indicações de equipamentos: 🤍 - Parceiros: Alboom • 🤍 Raitai • 🤍 Meus Cursos Online Fotografia de Casamentos | 🤍 Retratos Corporativos | 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Site 🤍 Colaboradores do Video 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍



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Olá gente!!! Aulas de Edição: 🤍 Seja membro: 🤍 Meus Equipamentos De Gravação Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra e Samsung Galaxy ZFold4 Iluminação Principal Softbox: 🤍 Iluminação Lateral Godox S60: 🤍 Iluminação Fundo Pixel P80: 🤍 Áudio Mesa Maonocaster AME2: 🤍 Microfone Maono PD400x: 🤍 Meus Equipamentos de Fotografia Câmera Canon EOS R6 Lentes Canon EF 24-70mm L 2.8 7Artisans 10mm F/2.8 Redes Sociais Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Email: canal35milimetros🤍gmail.com Email: roncof🤍outlook.com #fotografia

On or off camera flash - you need THIS one | Godox TT685II


For on or off camera flash, I review the Godox TT685II compared to the Canon 600EXII and you may be surprised at the results. This one is a no-brainer if you are looking for a new or first speed light. Gear shown in this video: Godox TT685II: 🤍 Canon EOS-R: 🤍 Canon 600EXII: 🤍 - OR - 🤍 'Coffee and Photography Talk' MUG! 🤍 The Basics of Photographic Exposure - A digital guide: 🤍 = My gear: Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478D-U Light Meter: 🤍 Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Flash with Barndoor Kit: 🤍 R2 Trigger: 🤍 My Go-To Godox flash modifier: 🤍 #Canon EOS-R: 🤍 EF lens adaptor: 🤍 Here is the current version of the tripod I use: 🤍 And this is the newest version of the grip head I use: 🤍 Manfrotto combi-stand: 🤍 _ #godox

DON'T BUY THE AD200 PRO! BUY THIS GODOX LIGHT INSTEAD! | Off Camera Flash | Flashpoint


When it comes to Off Camera Flash Outdoor Photography. The Godox ad200 has been a staple in photographers camera bags for years now but should it be? The AD300 is the perfect entry level strobe in the Godox (Flashpoint) line up. GODOX AD 300PRO - 🤍 GODOX AD 200PRO - 🤍 GODOX AD 400PRO - 🤍 Lightroom Preset Package - 🤍 Start a professional with Squarespace today - 🤍 Unity University Merch - 🤍 * Affiliate Links * Need a creator or looking to outsource work for cheap? Check out fiverr for your needs today! - 🤍 Main Camera - 🤍 My Favorite Lens Currently - 🤍 My Beauty Lens - 🤍 My Favorite Strobe - 🤍 My Video Gear Camera For Video - 🤍 Wireless Mic - 🤍 Office Mic - 🤍 Essential Gear Wagon - 🤍 Tarion Camera Bag - 🤍 Tablet for Retouching (Wacom Intuos Pro Medium) - 🤍 Follow me ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 Disclaimer: Ryan Troy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 🤍amazon.com. #Godox #OffCameraFlash #AD300 #AD200

Flash Godox V1 Essai et configuration - EN FRANÇAIS


Flash Godox V1 Essai et configuration - EN FRANÇAIS Versión en Español: 🤍 English Version: 🤍 Fotosuraj: 🤍 Digit-Photo France: 🤍 Amazon: France: 🤍 USA: 🤍 Listes de reproduction: Photoshoots: 🤍 Essai Matériel: 🤍 Trucs et Conseils: 🤍 Nouvelles et Interviews: 🤍 Photographie argentique: 🤍 Trailers cours en vidéos: 🤍 Vidéos Live: 🤍 Vanlife: 🤍 Web: ericgibaud.com/fr Mon email pour tes questions: info🤍ericgibaud.com Facebook: facebook.com/ericgibaudphoto Instagram: instagram.com/egibaud Twitter: 🤍EricGibaud Mon 500px: 500px.com/ericgibaud Mon matériel sur Amazon Appareil photo Olympus OMD E-M5 MK2 Argent France 🤍 USA 🤍 Appareil photo Olympus OMD E-M5 MK2 Noir France 🤍 USA 🤍 Objectif Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 PRO France 🤍 USA 🤍 Objectif Olympus 7-14mm 2.8 PRO France 🤍 USA 🤍 Objectif Olympus 60mm 2.8 MACRO France 🤍 USA 🤍 Objectif Olympus 40-150mm 4.0-5.6 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Objectif Sigma 19mm 2.8 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Sac à dos Olympus CBG12 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Flash Godox TT600 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Flash Godox AD200 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Déclencheur Godox XproO France 🤍 USA 🤍 Support de flash Godox France 🤍 USA 🤍 Parapluie Wescott 2,2m / 7’ France 🤍 USA 🤍 Boite à lumière flash parabolique profonde 90cm Godox France 🤍 USA 🤍 Parapluie octobox 80cm France 🤍 USA 🤍 Pied de flash Phottix 200cm France 🤍 USA 🤍 Flash Yongnuo 560 III France 🤍 USA 🤍 Déclencheur Yongnuo RF603C II France 🤍 USA 🤍 Gimbal DJI Osmo Mobile 2 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Microphone sans fil Boya by-wm6 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Microphone pour iPhone Boya DM1 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Enregistreur Zoom H5 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Trépied Benro IT15 France 🤍 USA 🤍 Mini trépied Manfrotto PIXI Smart France 🤍 USA 🤍 Trépied Manfrotto 190X France 🤍 USA 🤍 Rotule Manfrotto 324RC2 France 🤍 USA 🤍

Godox AK-R1 | This simple accessory will help you create Pro-level images in 2023. 🔥


#Godoxindia #pixelviilage Watch this till the end. You not only will enjoy, but also will learn AK-R1 in detail and make great use of it. If you wish to learn Photography or Filmmaking, consider Pixel Viilage Creator Academy. Go to 🤍 for find out more. Go to 🤍 for send an enquiry. To buy Godox AK-R1 Online in India use the below link: 🤍 Follow Pixel Viilage: Pixel Viilage instagram - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Facebook - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Website: 🤍 We get MUSIC from Epidemic Sound. Use the below link to Sign Up for a 30 day free Trial of Epidemic Sound. 🤍 Pixel Viilage instagram - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Facebook - 🤍 Pixel Viilage Website: 🤍

The POWER of Off Camera Flash Photography (vs using available light)



Godox V1 Flash Settings & Controls - KLR the photo guru


Are you owing Godox V1 round head Speedlite and finding it tricky to use? Then, this Godox V1 Flash Settings & Controls video will make you use it effectively. The clear and smooth flow of the narration with the real-time demo by KLR the photo guru will be beneficial. Watch the video till the end to understand Godox V1 completely. The following are some of the highlights of Godox V1 flash: Round natural pattern light 360 degrees rotating head with a modeling lamp Inbuilt smooth moving diffuser for easy transition of light angles High contrast bright LCD IR port all kinds of remote connectivity Lithium-ion battery for 480 shots in full output recycling time 1.5 secs Compatible ‘Godox AK-R1’ light modifiers and accessories make it versatile for creative flash photography. X series external flash transmitter connects the off-camera flash use. 00:00 intro 00:59 External Controls 03:59 Battery 05:15 Modeling lamp 05:58 Control Panel 08:06 Dial settings -Zoom 09:54 Dial settings -Model Lamp 10:48 Dial settings - Flash Exposure Compensation 11:59 Dial settings - Flash Exposure Modes 12:28 Dial settings - Flash Exposure Modes - ETTL 13:28 Dial settings - Flash Exposure Modes - Manual 15:30 Dial settings - Flash Exposure Modes - Multi 17:30 Flash Exposure Mode - ETTL - High-Speed Sync 19:50 Flash Exposure Mode - ETTL - Rear-Curtain Sync 21:24 Flash Exposure Mode - ETTL - FEB (Flash Exposure Bracketing) 22:36 Flash Exposure Mode - Manual 22:58 Flash Exposure Modes - Manual - S1/S2 24:30 Radio Connectivity - Master 25:42 Radio Connectivity - Channel Selection 27:40 Radio Connectivity - Group Selection 29:25 Radio Connectivity - Slave 30:56 Menu Settings 35:33 Flash Reset Join KLR the photo guru classes through his time-proven institution, Ambitions4 Photography Academy. Watch the video from beginning to end for the best learning experience. Download KLR the photo guru App:- 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍klrajaponsing, 🤍ambitions4_photography_academy Call / Whatsapp +91 944 444 1190 Blogs: 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🤍 Telegram channel: 🤍 Video Set Up Equipment : Godox Professional LED Video Lights Nikon Z6 II with 24-120mm f/4 Canon EOS 5D SR with Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens Sony A6600 with 18-135mm and 50mm f1.8 lens Sennheiser Professional Audio Sennheiser EW 112P G4-A. Team : Concept and Content - KL Raja Ponsing Editing - R. Preethaa Priyadharshini Camera team: Mohamed Mufeez S., Yogeshwaran V., Emmanuel Sam, Shalini Bose, Ezhilarasan S., Karuthapandi M.

All You Need for Amazing Off Camera Flash Photography


Off camera flash photography is not as hard as you think. Here's a quick and easy ocf setup for you. Get amazing Photography Education to Help You Start Your Photography Business 🤍 Like the look of my photos? Here's the preset I personally use on every photo I edit. Hope you enjoy!! 🤍 _ Check out my favorite tools as a PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS OWNER, CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR, and YOUTUBE CONTENT CREATOR HoneyBook for Client Management + Online Contracts (50% off of your account!): 🤍 Lightroom Classic + Lightroom CC for Photo Editing: 🤍 Bench Accounting to Manage my Business Income (30% off of 3 months!): 🤍 Backblaze to Backup my Data: 🤍 Rev.com the Best Way to Add Closed Captions to your Youtube Videos: 🤍 VidIQ for Youtube content and tag research: 🤍 License Free Music for Youtube and Wedding Videos: Artlist: 🤍 Epidemic Sound: 🤍 My Recording Gear: Fujifilm XT4: 🤍 Fujifilm XT3: 🤍 Fujifilm 23mm f/2: 🤍 Mefoto Tripod: 🤍 Rode VideoMic NTG: 🤍 Atomos Ninja V: 🤍 SanDisk Extreme Pro: 🤍 MagMod MagBox Softbox: 🤍 Godox SL60W: 🤍 Follow Me Online: Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission.

Godox V1 Flash | Best Flash For Photography


Let me tell you why the Godox V1 is my all time favorite flash!!! - It comes with the actual flash itself - It comes with an accessory kit as well - The flash has a round top, sits right on top of your camera - I love the round top & I think it makes the flash look much more natural - The best thing about this flash is the rechargeable battery (it's huge if you use flash all the time because you need a battery that lasts) - In the accessory kit there's this little dome, which is for on top of the flash, so you can get a nice diffused flash Follow 🤍 for more photography tips! & check out 🤍 for more wedding photography content! Inquire at 🤍



Utilicé el Godox MS300, acá les cuento que tal me fue!! Siganme también en IG: 🤍alexm_mx

$45 Flash VS $300 Flash | Interior Real Estate Photography | Godox TT520II vs V1 Off Camera Flash


JOIN MY COURSES!! - 🤍 MY PHOTO + VIDEO PRESETS - 🤍 WHERE I GET ALL OF MY MUSIC (FREE 30 DAY TRIAL WITH MY LINK!) - 🤍 Enjoy! - TB GET LIGHTROOM & PHOTOSHOP - 🤍 $45 Flash Kit Flash & Trigger - 🤍 $300 Flash Kit Flash - 🤍 Flash Trigger - 🤍 Thanks for hanging out! MY FULL KIT FOR REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHY Canon EOS-R - 🤍 Canon EF 16-35 2.8 - 🤍 Canon 50mm Lens - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 DRONE - 🤍 MY STUDIO CAMERA USED FOR CREATING THIS TUTORIAL↓↓↓ CAMERA - 🤍 LENS - 🤍 MIC - 🤍 VIDEO LIGHT - 🤍 PHOTO + VIDEO SOFTBOX - 🤍 Best Ergonomic Chairs & Desks for Editing! - 🤍 ↓↓↓ VIDEO BREAKDOWN 0:00 - INTRO 0:30 - OPENING + SETUP 1:40 - $45 FLASH VS $300 FLASH TESTS 4:00 - COMPARING FEATURES 5:40 - PHOTO RESULTS 6:20 - WHO IS THE $45 FLASH FOR? 7:30 - HOW FLASH CHANGED THE PATH OF MY CAREER 8:00 - THANKS FOR WATCHING! #REALESTATEPHOTOGRAPHY #OFFCAMERAFLASH #EDITING #HOWTO DISCLAIMER Some of the links above are affiliate links, where I can earn a small commission if you click on the link and purchase an item. You are not obligated to do so, but it does help fund these videos in hopes of bringing value to you! HOW TO ENTER TO WIN THE FLASH :) * Subscribe to the Channel + Leave a Comment about what you would do with the flash & link your Instagram! Winner will be notified on Instagram Saturday March 20! Thanks for the support everyone!! Excited to get this to one of y'all !!

How To Get Your Flash To Focus At Night | Ft. Godox V1 Flash


So, how do you get your flash to focus at night? - For this video I am using the Godox V1 flash! - You're going to want to point your flash directly forward - When it's pitch black, there's no light, so there's nothing for your camera to catch focus on - While you're shooting, what you'll want to do is turn on your light and point it at your subjects (so it's kind of like a spotlight) - The flash will go off when it catches focus!

Godox : Comment maitriser son budget flash studio ?


Notre équipe a sélectionné 3 gammes de flashes studio Godox SKII, QTII, QSII. Pierre nous présente les différences et les possibilités de chaque torche Godox c'est l'avantage d'avoir du matériel studio de qualité pour un budget malin. Les kits flashes Godox 🤍 _ Suivez notre actu : Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍missnumerique Notre Blog : 🤍 Notre magasin à Nancy : Porte Verte 3, 4 Rue Catherine Sauvage, 54270 Essey-lès-Nancy

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