Grantha EV


This is Official YouTube Channel of FD Motors Nepal (Grantha EV) The FD Motors Scooter introduced in Nepal is a game-changer in terms of technology and features. It boasts a side drive motor, LFP battery, CAN Bus, brake regen, and 16” 14” front and rear tire, making it the first of its kind in Nepal. The scooter is designed to perform exceptionally well on Nepal's rugged terrain, making it the best feasible product for the country's geography. The scooter comes with a sufficient warranty period, giving customers peace of mind. Its high-performance capabilities on hills and Nepal's roads make it stand out from other brands. The scooter has higher water resistance than any other brand in the market, adding to its durability. Additionally, the sporty looks and good design make it visually appealing. Despite its advanced features, the scooty is affordable, making it an excellent value for money. Address: Battisputali-09, Kathmandu Nepal Phone: 9865369040/41

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